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Real Deal Tours

Local real estate investors teaching new investors live and hands-on!

There is no better way to learn than through hands-on experience. See the property. Smell the aromas of carpentry and fresh paint. Feel the floor under your feet. The Renatus Real Deal Real Estate Tours showcase actual real estate deals in progress so you can experience for yourself what it takes to profit in real estate investing.

What Type of Deals Will You See?
The beauty of the Real Deals Tours is that you may have the opportunity to visit various types of projects, including “Fix & Flip,” “Wholesaling,” “Lease Options,” or “Short Sales.” These are actual transactions in markets across the country, so it depends on the type of project our local investors are undertaking at any point in time. If you have the chance to see a Fix & Flip project, you may get to see the work flowing as it progresses through stages of development! (Don’t forget your hardhat!)

What Will You Learn?

The investors will walk you through the home, visually, and will discuss the investment numbers of the transaction. Different scenarios and options are presented and reviewed so that you can gain an understanding of how to make the deal a profitable one.

How Can I Participate/What is the Cost to Attend?

The Renatus Real Deal Tours are available to attend by invitation only. Once invited, there is no cost to participate in these hands-on learning excursions. If you have the desire to learn about and see how Renatus investors are performing real estate investing transactions, contact us to ask an Independent Marketing Affiliate for an invitation.

Check out the Real Deal Real Estate Tour website for more tour videos: http://realdealrealestatetour.com/tours/